1. Submissions may contain any or all of the following, i.e. text, diagrams, plans, sections, sketches, photographs, graphics, collage etc., in a combination without restrictions that can convey the visual summary of the design intent of the entrant comprehensively illustrating the :
    • Response to challenges outlined in the Brief.
    • The emergence of unified and relevant image of Design.
  2. Each submission must contain the Team ID provided by the Enceladus- at the time of registration, the submission must adhere to the requirements provided by the Enceladus- at time of registration.
  3. Submission must be free from any kinds of identifying marks, such as and including firm logos, name of participant.
  4. The submissions will ONLY bear the Team ID, given to an entrant after their successful registration, as a means of identification and any other identifying mark will make the entrant liable for disqualification.
  5. Any submission entry subject to already submitted for any other project is liable for the disqualification.
  6. Team Enceladus reserves all rights to alter or modify the regulations at any part of the plan without notice.

Sheet size and format:

  1. Sheet format :
  2. guidelines
    Note: For Thesis maximum ten (10) sheets in single PDF. For all others maximum two (2) sheets.
    Note: All dimensions are in mm.
Note: Click here to download Logo to use in Sheet and Unique ID should be your Team ID