Enceladus –The Architectural Extravaganza 2018

The Enceladus Awards 2018 is the absolute National architectural award event with various categories. It’s the chance to be distinguished amongest the best in the profession. The Enceladus Awards 2018 will carry extraordinary eminence to your work.

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Seminar & Discussion

Architecture’s thought leaders contribute to, and participate in, Enceladus’s industry shaping seminar programme. The seminars provide insight and inspiration to equip audiences to solve the toughest challenges faced asarchitects and designers today.

Enceladus Awards

The Enceladus Awards-2018 is integral part of Enceladus – The Architectural Extravaganza. Students and Professionals from across the nation enter projects in a wide variety of sectors. Every shortlisted scheme will be presented at www.enceladus.co.in.

Enceladus Exhibition

Exhibition of shortlisted projects of various Future architects will be displayed and presented across a range of display sections. These projects will in itself – speak excellence in implementation, design and creativity.

Main Design

Focus on innovation

Main Design

Ages have been since humans have traversed through cities, states, countries and continents in search of a better life and sometimes for “survival”. Now it’s time to move to a new world: Space. Enceladus Space Settlement enlightens the visions with a brighter and better future.
Enceladus Space Settlement aims for expanding human influence, life along with the designer’s limitations. The settlement would hold on to stability in a definite manner right from its very structural arrangement to the technical built-up of the settlement to the placement location.
By this index, the main design- Enceladus would be focusing on any type of invention/innovation of a futuristic approach initiating the origin of settlements on Enceladus-The moon of Saturn.

Overall Trophy

This Award recognizes the Best Enceladus participant Architecture School/Institute/College. The idea aims to find out the Architecture School/Institute/College with maximum participation in competitions.

Overall Trophy

Represent your college

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Dec. 1st

Thesis Award

Enceladus serves as a platform to create a global community of architects and designers who are pushing the boundaries of architecture discipline to enrich the built environment.

Dec. 1st


This Award recognizes the architecture design strategies for transformation of industry for designing more stimulating environments for the human life.

Dec. 1st

Publication Award

Enceladus provides researchers/ writer’s a platform to share their learning outcomes with the mass and to be recognized for the same.

Dec. 1st

Anything N Everything

Artist's eye provides Art form a unique perspective giving it a tool to highlight the characteristics. It tells the story of journey and influence that the place has on one.

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